Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Customize your own cupcakes the way you want them to be!
You can just select your own personal favorite designs from what I've done before, or you can email me the images that you want me to "draw" on the cupcakes (which will make things much easier & better for me) OR you can even sketch them out and email/snailmail them to me. Either way is fine with me :)
The charges are different according to the number of designs or the designs requested.
Shall there be any charges applies, you will be informed via email/SMS (whichever way that you contact me)
Designs Requested:
Train (Komuter) + MISC logo + Hearts

Designs Requested:
Grass with ball on each corners + Lips + Hot Air Balloons + Handbag + Jersey +Football field + violet&pink Heart + A Crown + Rainbow + Ladybird + Guitar + Blue Rose

Design Requested:
Stephanie actually sketched out these designs and emailed them to me.
It may not be exactly how she wanted it (I think), but I guess it's roughly like this! LOL
Sorry dear..
(there was no additional charge as the designs are the normal & not the complicated ones)

Misc 001
Designs requested:

shopaholic + myspace + camera + cats + Kamal + Desperate Housewives

Designs Requested:
Guitar + Skinny Jeans + Baskin Robbins + Dunhill + Kelisa + Fique + Dota
+ Lamb(but I totally forgot on it! Sorry fik!)

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